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How do I register for Africa Classic?
You can register on this page. It is possible to register as an individual or as a team. If you have any problems during the registration process, please contact the organisation via or call +31 88 366 54 35. For Kenian participants call +254724076988. We will be pleased to help you!
How much will it cost to join Africa Classic?
Participation in the Tanzania Classic Edition costs € 1,495 (Kshs 180,000) per person: in addition, each participant must also fundraise € 5,000 (Kshs 600,000). The participation fee can be paid in 3 instalments: €500 at registration, €500 in 2 months and €495 in 4 months.
Can I enter my team before it is complete?
Yes, you can! One person starts the team entry and further team members can register at a later date.
What is the latest registration date?
If you are properly trained and have raised all your funds in time, you can register up to 8 weeks before the start of the event. However, there are only a limited number of places (100 per edition) and the full donation amount must have been raised by the first of the month of departure (1 June 2022).
I don’t have a team, but I would like to take part.
You can enter as an individual! All individual participants will join each other into teams of 2 to 4 people for the trip on the basis of their fitness levels, and these teams will cycle together. This only applies to the week in Tanzania. You don’t need to be a team for the purposes of the fundraising activities in your own country, as you are personally responsible for your own fundraising.
I registered with incorrect information? What can I do?
Go to your personal page (log in in the top right hand corner of the website) and amend your own details. In case of a problem, please contact
Can I cancel my booking and are there any costs if I do?
Of course things sometimes don’t go to plan, in which case you can cancel your registration. Send an email to Africa Classic on We will inform you of the cancellation fee and what your options are with regard to the donation amount you’ve already collected. Read the specific conditions around cancellation and refunds in the Terms and Conditions on the registration page by going to ‘Complete’.

The journey

Can I take out travel or cancellation insurance with your organisation?
No, you need to take out your own travel and cancellation insurance including injury cover.
Do I need to apply for a visa in advance?
Yes, the Tanzania Classic requires a visa for both Tanzania and Kenya. You can apply for a visa in advance at the Tanzanian and Kenyan embassies in your country. Visa is your responsibility.This is not relevant for Kenyan participants. 
Is the trip fully organised?
Yes, apart from your journey there and back, the organisers take care of local transport, accommodation, facilities and food. We also provide medical care and technical support during the event. This means that you need to book your own flight to Tanzania (to Kilimanjaro Airport). Participants from Kenya will receive further information at a later date. In addition, you need to be well-prepared, hold valid visas and have the appropriate vaccinations.
Is there medical support on the trip?
Yes, the trip will be accompanied by an English-speaking doctor and an Amref nurse. Once registered for the Africa Classic, you will be insured with Amref Flying Doctors. In case of emergency, you will be picked up by a Flying Doctors airplane. This insurance is included in your registration fee.
Which vaccinations do I need to be able to take part in the trip safely?
Regardless of the duration of your trip, the following vaccinations are recommended: vaccination against DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio), vaccination against Hepatitis A, vaccination against Yellow Fever and a Rabies inoculation. Make sure you get your vaccinations in time and make an appointment with a qualified doctor or institution at least 8 weeks before departure. More details will be provided to participants by the organisers.
Is the area where we will be cycling safe enough?
When drawing up our programme and deciding on the route, the safety of our participants is our foremost concern at all times. When preparing the Africa Classic, the Dutch Foreign Office website is consulted carefully and continuously by the organisation. Should travel advice change, the organisation will naturally take appropriate measures.


Why do donors pay transaction costs?
All banks charge transaction costs for each payment. Unfortunately, they do not make an exception for Amref Health Africa/Amref Flying Doctors. Our joint goal is to raise as much money as possible for Amref Health Africa/Amref Flying Doctors. We have elected to treat the transaction costs as separate from your donation amount contribution. This means that transaction costs are not deducted from the proceeds for Amref Health Africa/Amref Flying Doctors and we hope donors will understand. If you are not happy about this, then please deduct the transaction costs from your contribution to Amref Health Africa/Amref Flying Doctors.
What happens if I do not manage to raise the donation amount minimum of €5,000 (Kshs 600,000) in time?
As the organisers of Africa Classic, we track your fundraising carefully. This means we can liaise with any participants who need a bit of support in good time. In our experience, participants almost always manage to raise the donation amount. If you fail to do so, then you cannot take part. If you need some ideas for fundraising activities, there is a great deal of information online, which you can download after registration. Read the specific conditions about cancellation and refunds in the Terms and Conditions on the registration page by going to ‘Complete’.
Do donors get their money back if I do not take part?
Yes, we can always agree to pay back any donation amount you have raised, but only if the money can be traced directly. Funds that you have collected with collection boxes or sales activities cannot be refunded. You can also decide to hold it over for a next edition or to donate the money to Amref Health Africa/Amref Flying Doctors. In case donors have received a tax receipt, it is not possible to refund the money.
Is it a good idea to raise the €5,000 before registering?
No, it is not! By registering straight away, you are immediately assured of one of the high-demand spaces of Africa Classic. In addition, donors can then donate you very easily via the website. You don’t need to track who has paid or how much you have raised – we do that for you. We also give you a donation amount and information package to make your fundraising easier and provide you with all sorts of other information you would otherwise miss out on.
Do you provide promotional materials?
Yes, we do. After registration, you will be sent a comprehensive promotional package including posters and flyers. In addition, you will have access to Donation Coach and useful downloads via the website. Do not hesitate to call or email if you need more promotional material.


Do I need to bring my own bike?
Yes, you do. You are responsible for bringing a mountain bike in good condition and you should take this into account when booking your flight. Extra charges for transporting your bike are at your own expense.
I there technical support on the trip?
Yes, a bike mechanic will support the trip, who can help participants who break down along the way and who is there in the evenings for maintenance and repairs. You will receive comprehensive information about bike transport, (spare) equipment etc.
What are the requirements that my bike must meet?
Registered participants are able to download a document called ´´Equipment Coach´´. This will help you choose the best equipment and answer questions about the requirements that your bike should meet. 


Who organises Africa Classic?
The Event Foundation is in charge of the organisation. The Event Foundation has commissioned Emolife Event to carry out the actual organisation.
What is The Event Foundation?
The Event Foundation was founded in 2006 to facilitate fundraising events on behalf of charities. The actual organisation is outsourced by The Event Foundation to Emolife Event. Emolife has been organising Africa Classic on behalf of Amref since 2011. The Event Foundation consists of a board and a supervisory board but has no staff. For more information, go to


What does Amref Health Africa / Amref Flying Doctors do with the donations?
Amref Health Africa / Amref Flying Doctors, is an international African organisation (NGO) founded and headquartered in Kenya. Amref works with the most vulnerable African communities through its country programmes in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, and its Southern and West African regional hubs based in South Africa and Senegal, respectively. Through its laboratory, clinical outreach and training programmes, Amref reaches an additional 30 or more countries in Africa. With over half a century of experience in delivering healthcare and building health systems in Africa, Amref supports those at the heart of communities, particularly women and children, to bring about lasting health change.

On this website you will find examples of what Amref does with your donations. During Africa Classic you can experience it personally, when we visit various Amref projects.
Will the entire income go to Amref Health Africa / Amref Flying Doctors?
Participants raise a minimum of €5000 euros. The total income the participants raise from their donors goes to the country office of Amref Health Africa / Amref Flying Doctors. After the event, Amref will pay a fee to Emolife Event. The value of this fee will be equivalent to 10% of the amount raised by participants. This covers part of the costs for organizing Africa Classic: the preparation activities for participants and their fundraising.

In addition, there are direct costs, for example for the website, marketing, printing, administration and so-called; out of pocket; expenses. The Event Foundation receives a fixed fee for organizing Africa Classic. The direct costs and the fixed reimbursement for The Event Foundation are paid by Amref Health Africa / Amref Flying Doctors from a separate budget. The national fundraising regulations apply to these costs.

Africa Classic also uses the Local Based Tourism principle: as much as possible is purchased locally and services are used in Africa. In this way, part of the required costs still flows to Africa and the Amref organization on site.
Is Amref Health Africa / Amref Flying Doctors an approved fundraising charity?
The regulations for fundraising and charities vary per country. On the local Amref websites you will find information per office.
Are donations to Amref Health Africa / Amref Flying Doctors tax deductible?
The legislation regarding the deductibility of donations varies from country to country. Check the local website or contact the Amref office in your country for more information.

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