You can raise money for Amref Flying Doctors from home!

Together we can still raise money for a healthier Africa. Even, in these difficult times. Therefore we came up with some fundraising ideas that you can do from home!

Do you find it difficult to make a fundraising call on social media during these times? Use the sample messages that we have prepared for this.

Example message social media

Do you find it difficult to draw attention to your fundraising campaign during these times? Don't worry! Because we still work for a strong and healthy Africa. This sample message shows that. Feel free to copy and paste it for your social media call!

Example message:

In these bizarre and difficult times, I'm gratefull for the medical care that we have in our country! In great parts of Africa there is still a lack of well trained medical staff. That is why I will continue to raise funds for Amref Health Africa / Amref Flying Doctors!
Then explain your action and don't forget to share the link to your personal donation page!

work out vanuit huis

Organize a home workout

Organize an online home workout, this way you and your friends stay in shape. Live or pre-recorded, up to you!

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Organize a home workout

Check out here an example of a YouTube channel with videos about home workouts. Or you can give yoga classes from home here's an example? You can find countless examples on YouTube!

How does it work?

You can pre-record the home workout and place it on your YouTube channel. Put the video on 'hide'. That way, only people you sent the video link to can view the workout. Make a call on social media and inform your friends and colleagues about your action. You send them the link as soon as the donation for Amref Flying Doctors is received!

Do you want to give a LIVE home workout? Great idea! You can do this using YouTube live or meeting programs like Zoom of Go to Meeting. How YouTube lives works is explained right herein this video. Tip: Download HERE software to stream your video on YouTube.

Use your personal donation page!

To make this promotion a success, you need an email address or telephone number of the sponsor to send the video link. Therefore, set up a 'new reward'at your personal donation page for your home work out fundraising event. You can find it at the bottom of your page. This way the money will go directly to your sponsor counter and you will have all the necessary information!

man geeft online pubquiz vanuit huis

Host an online pubquiz

Do you miss your friends and want to organize a fun event for them online? No worries, we have the solution!

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Host an online pubquiz

Organize an online pubquiz for Friday or Saturday night! Use a meeting tool, like Zoom, Go to Meeting or Kahoot. This way you can show your presentation with questions and the participants can pass on their answers through the chat function or they can hold up a piece of paper in front of the camera. You can of course make the pub quiz yourself, but for inspiration you can have a look here. That will be a pleasant evening and a nice amount for Amref Flying Doctors!

Use your personal donation page!

To make this promotion a success, you need an email address or telephone number of the sponsor to send the video link. Therefore, set up a 'new reward'at your personal donation page for your pubquiz. You'll find this below on your page. This way you're able to raise a good amount of money.


Show your progress

Make a video that shows how you continue training for Africa Classic International even today.

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Show your progress

In some countries in Europe it's still possible to go outside. For others this is not the case. Nonetheless you can show your training progress even if you're doing this from home!

Share your training online

People are online more than ever. Jump in and capture your training with a video. Post the video on social media and share your personal donation page. Check our sample messages for social media at the top of the page to find out how to post your message.

How to make a video.

Understandable if you don't know how to make a video like this. Therefore we have some useful tips:

  • When you have an Apple device you can use iMovie. For more information click here how you can make this work!
  • For Android users we recommend Quik.
knutselen met een knutselpakket

Sell craft kits

Win-win: keep your own kids busy by making craft packages together and selling them to other parents!

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Sell craft kits

Be the first to choose a fun craft. Get inspiration from sites like this one and make the necessary purchases online or at a store nearby. Make a clear instruction of the steps to tinker and finish it with a photo example. Make (together with your children) fun craft packages and sell them for a nice donation on your sponsor counter!

Good luck!

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