This is Amref

Amref Health Africa / Amref Flying Doctors works to improve the health of vulnerable people in Africa because healthy people are better equipped to escape from poverty. As an African organisation, Amref gets its strength from the power of the African population itself.

This overview shows what Amref can do with your donations

Wat doet Amref met 60 euro sponsorgeld

With 30 euro...
...we can provide clean drinking water to a mother and her two children close to their home and with less bacteria. Lots of physical diseases in Africa are caused by bad hygiene and unclean water.
Wat doet Amref met 122 euro sponsorgeld

With 52 euro...
... we can substitute female genital cutting with an alternative rite of passage. The alternative ritual won´t be harmful and painful and the ‘cut’ will be replaced by three days of education. Girls learn about sexuality and their rights.
Wat doet Amref met 300 euro sponsorgeld

With 135 euro...
...we can provide an intensive training to a midwife about safe childbirth. Very important because 80% of the maternal mortality can be prevented by professional and educated midwives.
Wat doet Amref met 1150 euro sponsorgeld

With 610 euro...
...we can educate a teacher to teach the students about sexuality and to be able to recognize the signs of female genital mutilation.

Wat doet Amref met 1500 euro sponsorgeld

With 2.520 euro...
...we can provide 6 hospitals in the north of Uganda with obstetric materials. This enables medical employees to work hygienically, which declines the risk of medical infections in hospitals.
Wat doet Amref met 2000 euro sponsorgeld

With 3.900 euro...
...we can build a bathroom at a local hospital. Maternal and infant mortality can be reduced extremely by renovating hospitals and providing these hospitals access to clean water.
Afrikaanse waterpomp
Amref knows its way around
Over 60 years ago, Amref began in Kenya as “Flying Doctors.” Since then, Amref has expanded into an organisation that leads the way internationally when it comes to the preservation of health and disease prevention in Africa. Amref is an African organisation by origin, and almost all staff are African. They know the culture and traditions, and therefore they can cooperate effectively with the population. Amref is based not just on African needs, but more importantly on the power of Africans themselves – an approach that ensures sustainable improvement. Amref shares this experience globally with policy makers, health care providers and other development organisations.
Amref Flying Doctors vliegtuig
What does Amref do?
Amref Health Africa/Amref Flying Doctors is committed to sustainable improvement of Africa’s health care systems. This means that Amref conducts programs targeting training of healthcare professionals in preventing and treating diseases like malaria and AIDS but also maternal health care, water and sanitation, research. Amref also works with empowerment of vulnerable groups, such as young girls in eradicating female genital cutting, letting them finish school. And although it’s no longer the core activity, Amref still carries out medical flights into remote areas. During Africa Classic, you’ll visit various Amref projects AND have the opportunity to fly with the Flying Doctors.
The above amounts are realistic and symbolize the activities that Amref Flying Doctors / Amref Health Africa undertakes for this purpose within its programs. The examples are truthful and are actually implemented within the program. Sponsor donations from Africa Classic are raised unearmarked, the income will be spent on various Amref programs. In this way Amref optimally contributes to a strong and healthy Africa.

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