Tracks - Africa Classic International Edition

During the Africa Classic International Edition, you will ride your own mountainbike on paths of red sand and volcanic stones, driving by palm trees, crossing savannas, and going through big wildlife parks. Some days the tracks will be mostly flat, and other days will be uphill. Click on the images for more information on the different tracks!

Route changes reserved

The journey to Tanzania

Travel to Tanzania

The participants from all over the world will be arriving in Tanzania today. We will gather at the lodge where we will stay the night. The lodge is in the area of Kilimanjaro Airport.

Sugar cane track

Kia Lodge - Moshi

54 km 298 hm

It´s time for the first track after a good first night stay in the Kia Lodge! The mountainbikes have to be assembled in the morning to get ready for the official kick-off of Africa Classic!

Red earth track

Moshi - Lake Chala

74 km 682 hm

After yesterdays warming-up, there are more kilometers and altimeters to beat today. The bikers are travelling from Moshi to the beautiful crater lake: Lake Chala. The views next to the route will be absolutely stunning!

Kilimanjaro track

Lake Chala - Snowcap

62 km 1385 hm

The ´´Queen´s ride´´ honors her name. Day 3 is the day with the most altimeters, 1385 meter! The route continues uphill; the reason why today is the most tough day of the week. But, day 4 will be a rest day without cycling, so keep that in mind!

Kenya visit

Snowcap - Oloitokitok

21 km 100 hm (per bus)

Today is a rest day to visit some Kenyan projects of Amref Health Africa / Amref Flying Doctors. It is supposed to be a very impressive day!

Masai track

Snowcap - Wildlife corridor

81 km 929 hm

It´s time to get back on the mountainbike! Everyone is ready to go and used to ride a bike in the hot and clumsy African climate. Our participants are always fit and really willing to go! Today will also be the first day of spotting wildlife and to get in contact with a real African Masai tribe.

Wildlife track

Wildlife corridor - Momella

80 km 589 hm

After an overnight stay in the beautiful wildlife park, it is time to get back on the bicycle to go to Momella. There is a big chance to see giraffes, zebras and impalas while riding the bike. The end of the route is in vulcanic area so it´s quite difficult. Besides, it´s the last day before going home: so it´s time to party!

Momella lake track

Momella - Kia Lodge

46 km 179 hm

Today is the official finish day! The route around the Kilimanjaro has come to an end. The last track to Kia Lodge will be unforgettable! You will be welcomed by a lot of friendly and nice people. You can swim, take a shower and pack your bags. In the evening, it is time to go back home.


Kilimanjaro airport - Back home

Everyone gets back home to day! Time to look back to an unforgettable journey!

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